Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Tour Hits Stride Five Months After My Novel's Launch

My book tour hits its mid-summer stride this week, veering into Albany, N.Y. for back-to-back events, as my comedic novel The Opposite of Everything celebrates its five-month birthday.  

The first event is Tuesday, 12 noon, at the Albany Public LIbrary, sponsored by -- you guessed -- Friends of Albany Public Library. Then Wednesday, 3 p.m. at the Albany Jewish Community Center, an event sponsored by Jewish Family Services of Upstate New York. (This one requires an RSVP; just click on the link). I feel relaxed going into them, but excited on another level to see who shows up and what each venue brings to the experience. Wednesday's JCC event, for instance, will be a Q&A format conducted by my good friend and fellow author Lale Davidson, a creative writing professor, and the excerpt I read will reflect my Borscht Belt humor.

I can't wait to meet my readers. It's the part of the job I love -- interacting with people who are curious about my writing process and want to learn more about how I built this book from scratch. 

So if you're around, please do drop by!

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