Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Help Bring the Capital Region's Newest Musical Comedy to the Stage

Dear theater lovers, fans of cultural inclusiveness, fellow writers, and folks with a desire to support local arts and artists (did I leave anyone out?): 

Please help support the Capital Region's newest musical comedy, The Gringo Who Stole Christmas, which I wrote. It's cast and booked for Proctors' GE Theatre in Schenectady in December, but needs your financial help to become a reality. Click on the link; donations are tax deductible and will help pay for everything from rehearsal space to set design to costumes. Remember: every little bit helps (and big bits help too). Gringo is a Latin twist on A Christmas Carol with a family friendly, hip-wiggling message of cultural inclusiveness. It's incredibly exciting for me to bring my script to life on the stage, and I'd love if all my friends joined me on this journey.

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