Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Cover for My Novel!

My publisher today released the book cover for my novel, THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING. In the publishing biz, this is considered big news. So I'm sharing it now, ahead of the book launch in March 2014. In my novel, a noir romantic comedy, an ailing angst-ridden journalist finds love in a Colombian doctor who helps him to conquer his fear of death -- before his illness conquers him. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me with this enormous undertaking. Among the folks instrumental on the cover were, first and foremost, Karen Gowan, the WiDo Publishing managing editor, and the designer she works with, Steven Novak. Kenny Funk: Thanks so much for your help with the typeface and staying up so late working on it. Your suggestions inspired the final design. And to Robin, Karen, and all my friends, too many to mention, who rallied around like a focus group to give me just the right feedback to help narrow the choices.

I love the airiness of the cover design, especially the yin-yang symbol whimsically rendered as clouds, which embodies the novel's theme, The Opposite of Everything. The typeface has personality but doesn't overwhelm the design. A great balance, if you ask me

So that's the big news for today. I'll keep everyone updated as we reach the next stage in the process. 

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